Friday, 29 July 2011

I've got a lttle pink one...........

In reponse to the failed camera flash and blurred photos on the previous entry I have bought a new camera as the old one was beyond economic repair. I'm not really into photgraphy so all I wanted was decent pictures at minumum cost.
There must be 1000 different compact digital cameras on the market and the prices of particular models hardly vary between retailers. However I did notice in my 10 minutes of market research that a Nikon Coolpix was significantly cheaper at Tesco............

provided I had a pink one.

A proper Barbie pink one as used by teenage girls everywhere --  if the reviews are to be believed.

Well, being a frugal Yorkshireman that's what I've got.
It takes pictures just the same as the macho gumetal and black ones and I've got more money to spend at the pub, or more likely nowadays, Midland Chandlers.

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