Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ian Kemp's restoration work.

On the other side to Dave Harris, some of Ian Kemp's resoration and repair work.

Another interesting visitor awaiting some (paint) work is Gazelle, built by Ian, a replica of the Bushell's tug, Antelope.
Despite being a bit scruffy and well used this boat still looks good due to it's classy lines.

Base plate and counter.

The base plate is now laid out on the floor with the 12mm sections joined together and keelson being placed.
Of course Dave has V'eed out the base plate joints prior to welding.

Here's the counter, rolled yesterday.

And for those who like rivets:
Below is the bow of the previous boat built, a Northwich replica.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Yes it's definately started.

As is usual on a Friday Dave has rung to update me.
The other boat is now out of the way and my steel is being arranged.
I don't want to go down getting in the way so I'll visit in a couple of weeks when the hull sides are up and take some photos.

Update at 16-00 12 April:
The base plate is being welded.

The first two sections of base plate laid down.

Prior to welding the joints are Veed.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Procurement of materials and equipment.

As stated previously, rather than buy a finished boat we are buying materials and equipment to build the boat ourselves. This is beneficial to us as we actually own what we have bought and benficial to the builder who does not have to fund the build until we take delivery or make a stage payment.

To date we have spent in a year just over £25,000. (recorded to the exact £ on a spreadsheet)

Main items are the restored Gardner engine shown on page 1 and the steel.

The steel was bought in 2 batches as follows.
Hull steel,  Jan 2010 £5600 (bought at 15% VAT)
Cabin steel, Dec 2010 £1500 (bought at 17.5% VAT)
The price of steel was expected to rise dramatically in 2010 (it did) so Dave agreed to take delivery and store it for me hence the first delivery in Jan. It was actually laid on the floor under the boat currently in build.
The price of steel has risen as expected so a couple of thousand quid were saved there.

Other items already bought are cooker, saloon stove, back cabin stove, Kabola c/h boiler, portholes, vents, toilet (cassette) as prices rises were forseen and Midland Chandlers discount days occured.
In addition I have all sorts of chandlery squirrelled away around my house and piling up in Dave's way.
Thanks - I do appreciate it.

Another item of interest is the propeller which I bought second hand but in perfect condition from Jim Forster. It was his spare for Hare, his Yarwoods Josher.
Although it was 26 x 19 and I needed a smaller 23 x 17 it was taken back to Crowthers who re set and cut it down to the required size. It looks like new and is currently decorating my hearth so I'll miss that when it goes.

A stealthy start

Dave rang yesterday to discuss a wooden stem iron he has located as an alternative to the one we already have which doesn't fit.

And a snippet which I was glad to hear...................
Despite the current boat not yet being launched (due this week) he has started work cutting steel for the knees of my boat.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Delayed start

Due to some extra work on the boat currently in build the start of mine has been put back a week.