Thursday, 21 July 2011

Confirmation of cabin layout and measurements.

Before he starts building the cabin Dave wanted to run through and confirm the measurements.
Although the layout and measurements have not been changed for some time this is worth doing before steel is cut and erected just to flush out any glitches which may have been overlooked.
It is also much easier when you can work full size on the actual boat rather than a plan.

Although the internal bulkhead positions are the main consideration there are may other items impacting on this
Steel sheet lengths for roof and sides which affects where joins are.
Position and style of doors and hatches, portholes, ventilators, roof  features, boxes, collars  etc.
Position of stiffeners and other steel components.
Lengths of line out sheeting and features.
Etc etc

A minor mistake spotted at this stage could save some serious head scratching or compromises later.

We measured and marked up the boat with Dave including all the variables above at a speed  I could barely follow. All I could do at this stage was hold the tape, agree measurements and try to keep up.
This was repeated from either end of the cabin and all the marks made on the gunnels matched exactly ie to the millimetre.

Yesterday was also a significant day for Steve Goddard and Keith Ward as their boats Siskin (a Cowburn remake) and Hasty (a steam powered tunnel tug) were craned into the water at Brinklow.
Congratulations chaps.

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