Thursday, 3 November 2011

Joins in the roof.

Ideally a 44 ft roof would be fitted as a single sheet to avoid seams with their associated risk of weld distortion at the joins.
Unfortunately 44 ft sections of decoiled sheet are not available so the roof was divided into 3 sections with the two roof joins being elegantly dealt with as follows.

The sternmost joint was put above the engine room . Here the compound curve of the roof sheer and lateral camber in this area  can be facilitated by the inclusion of the removable panel which also leaves only a short section of welded seam to show at each side between the removable panel and the handrail.
(This is described in a previous post).

The foremost joint was arranged to come half way along the roof and hidden by a strap with centre rope rings at each end. On a wooden cabin this would have been bolted on so Dave has included a few bolt heads. Consequently a useful and decorative feature has been created.
This is seen on the photos below.

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