Thursday, 3 November 2011

Battening the cabin sides

The cabin battening is installed by drilling holes at 12 inch centres along the bottom edge of the cabin top corner channel where the batten is affixed using self tappers through the batten into the steel.

Between the inset panels.

This is the batten fixed to the underside of the gunnel at 12-15 inch centres.
Obviously it has a sloped profile to allow the lining to follow the cabin side tumblehome.

As stated elsewhere the battens were all screwed and Gorilla-glued in place. The glue was applied quite generously to ensure enough was used to get a good area bonded. This photo shows the glue expanded out of the join during setting.
The skin fitting just welded onto to hull side is for the commoned up Kabola c/h and engine overflows to vent from the boat.

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