Saturday, 1 September 2012

Preparations for first voyage.

This week the oak flooring was substantially completed and treated with oil.

The fuelling problem causing the engine to stop and need bleeding after 2 hours running has been traced and rectified. A small hole in the secondary filter housing to the return fuel system was found to be blocked. This allowed bubbles to build up at the highest point in the system until the fuel level dropped below the feed from the filter housing to the injectors. Clearing the hole allows the system to self bleed and engine runs of up mto 6 hours have been made.

Drawers have all been made for the back cabin cupboards and galley.
These have been brough back home and await painting in my garage as time permits.

The engine controls have been reinstalled after being painted brunswick green and completing painting of the back cabin ceiling an undercoat in the engine room areas which are difficult to access with the controls in place.

Final preparations have been made for the maiden voyage when the boat will be taken to shotblasting on Monday.
This has mainly involved all hatches and apertures being or made ready be blanked off  and fitting locking systems to all hatches doors and lids.
The trip will take about two days to complete so I will be "camping" on board.

Incidentally the boat now has a name: Primus.
This was the name carried by the first diesel powered tug on the Birmingham Canal Navigations and according to the register is surprisingly not used on any narrowboat.

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