Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Back in the water and cleaned

Today Glennys and I spent another day cleaning.
Now the boat is out of the grit floored poly tunnel we could make a serious attempt to complete the cleaning. This involved getting all liftable floor panels up and once again going round with the vacuum cleaner. The entire interior was also washed from the ceiling to the floor.
This took us about six hours but the interior is now completely fresh and clean from ceiling to bilges.
( Complete with the fragrant smell of lemon Flash )
The photos below show the boat with brassware, slides etc reinstalled.
Even though small portholes have been used - and sparingly at that -  supplemented by prism rooflights, the interior benefits from plenty of natural light.
The prisms light below the front deck and bathroom very well even without any portholes.
I will add photos later.

More ballast will be added to put her about another 2-3 inches lower in the water.
As described earlier the overall brunswick green (which I think looks a bit drab) is not the final colour but is just to provide weather protection untill the final paint job in the spring.

The grit blasting was carried out at Phill Jones' yard at Hatherton.
It was well executed and competitively priced.

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