Saturday, 26 May 2012

Back cabin lining

After completion of the steelwork Dave went stright onto fitting the roof boards as shown below whilst I continued fitting the hull side boards from the engine room (where the previously fitted boards are painted white) through the back cabin.
This entailed loosely mounting the wiring loom as shown and threading downwardly routed wiring behind the boards and flooring.
- This inevitably ensured a bit more insulation removal - and resultant mess to clean up,  hence the vacuum cleaner at close hand.

Dave fitted the roof boards, aligned to his tight centre line stretched right through the boat from front to back hatch centres. Cut outs for the back cabin ventilator and roof light can be seen. Given the careful alignment, centre cut outs and establishment of where joints in the boards can be best placed the first few boards are more tricky and time consuming.

Although two of us working simultaneously in the confines of the back cabin sometimes made things a bit tight an unexpected bonus was the covenient help in passing tools and providing an immediate third hand where required.

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