Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summary of week to 11th May

As described in the previous eight posts we have accomplished plenty this week. I have been doing the woodwork as per Dave's initial instructions on how to do each task whilst, after getting me started on each section, he has been mainly concentrating on the steel detail. This has worked well because Dave has built over forty boats and his experience and planning has proved valuable in having all tasks planned and materials ready in time. We have had no delays for designing, corrective work or material deliveries.
The result of this is that I am fully employed, averaging about 11-12 hours a day - often ending in the evening with the menial jobs like sanding, cleaning and painting. ie the jobs that Dave's skills are wasted on.
The payback for this that I am getting some top class boat fitting lessons, know my own boat intimately and there will be a  significant cost saving on the project.

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