Saturday, 12 May 2012

Lining under the gunnel with cable carrier etc

To line the hull under the gunnel, support the cabin and hull side linings and carry the wiring this plywood section was constructed and fitted in 8 foot lenghths.

Here it is screwed up against the gunnel underside and knees which have had a small amount of insulation removed.
The cabin side end is affixed to the batten and the outer side is affixed to the knee with self tapping screws.

Once installed a wooden straight edge is held from the batten along the floor edge (which will carry the hull side panelling) to the top underside edge (which will carry the to ends of the hull side panneling) and the excess insulation is carefully cut and rasped back to give clearance for the panelling. This is to leave maximum insulation but still allow the panels to be fitted.

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