Sunday, 6 May 2012

Summary of week to 4th May

The boat has been transformed this week by addition of the foam insulation and floor. Suddenly it is much lighter and warmer inside.
On Monday the wiring loom was delivered and on Wednesday the plywood, ordered on Tuesday,  for the line out was delivered on time.
The 19mm WBP exterior ply for the floor is very good. It is so hard it needs much more pilot drilling and countersinking for the screws than expected but on balance that is a price worth paying.
Two of the sheets have such a pleasant grain that they will be used under the tug deck without the oak floor planking. This will save a few quid ( I am from Yorkshire ) and give marginally more headroom.

Laying the floor means one can actually walk about without the risk of tripping over knees. - Luxury.

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