Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hull lining, cable carriers and battery box

In the photos below the T and G hull cladding has been primer painted.

This photo shows the 240V ring main artic cable installed in it's wooden carrier clips which will also serve as mountings for the bottom capping of the under gunnel duct.
Cable ties have been installed to carry the 12V wiring loom.

Here the battery box is shown in position alongside the engine at the starboard side,  back of the engine room which puts it conveniently close to the inverter and starter motor thus keeping heavy current cable runs short. The box is of 4mm steel and will carry the 4 domestic and 1 engine start battery. The lid will be sealed onto the flanged top edge of the box so hydrogen will be vented from a pipe connecting the tapping (which can just be seen below the hanging blue cable) to the roof outlet. The cables will exit the box through the rectangular hole at the back.


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