Saturday, 26 May 2012

Doors - including hot rivetting

Even on wooden boats it was common practice to have metal doors on the sides and engine room. Because of the tumblehome (slope) on the cabin side a  cover strip was rivetted on to stop the ingress of water though the central gap.
Dave has produced this in the traditional manner by hot rivetting the strip in place.
In the top photo the rivet is being heated and in the second it is being hammered over. The rivetting is a nice functional but decorative feature.
We found that we could work efficiently if I heated the rivet then removed the torch then Dave could immediately peen the rivet.
Although noisy I enjoyed this job mainly as it was a holiday from trimming insulation.

The photo below shows the doors in place.
Shown also are the sturdy hinges (with bronze pins to resist seizure) and the drip strip over the door.

To stop water getting in at the side of the doors this strip is welded along the rebate.
The photo is taken looking vertically downwards on the edge of the engine room door.

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