Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rudder and stern gear

By the time I arrived at shed (from Derby) at 10-30 on Monday morning Dave had already fitted the prop and stern gear.

Here is the stern tube and stuffing box/gland with the grease injection port.
As a temporary measure a standard grease nipple was fitted which allowed the shaft to be lubricated after the gland packing had been fitted in the stuffing box. Grease was injected until it could be seen at the outside hull  end of the shaft whilst it was rotated by hand. In due course a stern tube grease dispenser mounted in a convenient place with grease injection line will be fitted.
At the bottom left of the photo a (plugged) valve which will allow convenient drain down of the skin cooling tank from it's lowest point can be seen

At the inboard end of the porp shaft a bearing provides support.
The coupling to the cardan shaft is at this stage loose on the prop shaft.

Here the rudder has now been welded on. The skeg strengthening bar is made of two pieces of D bar welded back to back to give a smoother "lense" cross section.

At the top of the rudder there is some rivet detail and a hole to attach a rope which will make rudder removal more convenient.

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