Saturday, 26 May 2012

Insulation cut back around stove pipes and exhaust

Although it was well and evenly applied I have spent quite some time trimming back insulation so as to leave the maximum thickness whilst still being able to fit the lining as closely to the steel as possible.  It is a tedious job to do properly. Some builders specify thin foam and others "loose" or waste internal space to avoid this job.

Here it has been accomplished with a straight edge between the knees/ cross members then cutting and rasping away the excess . The waste "crumbs" and dust produced in massive quantities stick to everything including vertical surfaces and get everywhere. I am glad to see the end of that job.
- That's if we don't find any more overlooked high spots.

To meet fire regulations the insulation has been completely cut away 60mm away from the saloon and back cabin stove pipes, the exhaust and the Kabola CH flue as shown below. Rockwool insulation will be filled into these annuli.

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