Monday, 9 May 2011

Stern under construction

Below is a plan view photo of the stern showing the eliptical shape.

The photo is a bit blurred and includes my foot because light conditions in the shed are not good, the subject is dark and I was perched on a 2" cross beam and the 6mm counter.

The elevation view shows the upsweep of the stern but the chalk marks showing the postion of the strakes cannot be seen. The shape of the stern and strake positioning has been ascertained by Dave from film and photos of Walkers boats. Some have been examined minutely with the magnifying glass to get the detail and proportions as close as possible to the original.
See Walker pages 66, 67 and 77 for the photos of Arveleecom and Stentor.

The photos do not do justice to the subtlety of shape that Dave has managed.

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