Saturday, 14 July 2012

Saloon decoration continued. +Paint (in)decision.

The saloon hull sides have been painted eggshell sage green, a victorian "heritage" colour.
The cabin sides are to be painted a complimentary eggshell slaked lime (off white) with a slightly darker framing.
The ceiling will also be repainted in the slaked lime off white

Paint colours:
I have previously painted the ceiling and part of the engine room in ivory gloss which appeared a bit to stark - like brilliant white and not in keeping with the boat. Later on the bedroom and under the deck I experimented with a cream which appeared OK outside but too yellow/lemon in place although this could be put down to the flourescent lighting presently used in the boat.
This will all be repainted in off white eggshell which has wasted a few hours.
The problem is that the boat is currently in a dark shed and lit by very harsh internal lighting which makes colour choice , especially of the subtle pale colours, quite difficult. I have consequently decided to choose colours off the card as best possible but be prepared to redecorate  after some time in actual daylight conditions.

The stove has been drilled, tapped and bolted down to the hearth but was later removed to carry out the tiling which was completed on Friday.

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