Saturday, 28 July 2012

Back cabin - cross bed and cupboards above

Good progress has been made this week on the back cabin.
Below is the cross bed shown in folded down across the cabin - ie deployed for use.
The centre section of the bed base is formed by the cupboard front being dropped down across the cabin to  "land" on the bench on the starboard side.

Here it is shown slightly beyond it's (vertical) stowed "up" position.
Drawers will be installed in the space eblow.

Here is the view looking backwards along the starboard side.
The bench on which the bed flap "lands" can be seen in the foreground.
Obviously the dimensions of the bed flap, bench and central gap must be carefully matched for this to work and stow neatly.
In this case the bed has been built slightly wider at 4 feet and lower to give increased head and foot room under the gunnels. This has resulted in a step in the bench base however it is envisaged that one of the other bed base cushions (central or port side) will be used on top of the starbaord side cushion (when the bed is stowed in the day) to give a  level top  when noit used as a bed.

Below is the cupboard above the bed box which has provision for an extra shelf to be slid into place.
This is because in use shelf area has been found more important than volume alone.
 ie a pile of kit/clothing of full cupboard height falls over

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