Saturday, 7 July 2012

Back cabin range installation

Back cabin ranges are, by virtue of their small firegrate area, exempt from the new stove regulations. 
(I don't think there has been a back cabin stove fatality in 200 years of their use)
However for safety and in case of stricter future rules we have decided make best efforts to comply with best practice where reasonably practicable.

Here the stove has been lifted into place on it's steel hearth.
The supplied legs which were about 6" long have been discarded in favour of 2" legs which lower the range and give the stove and flue more clearance to the cabin side
There is an additional 2" gap to the swim base plate and nothing combustible directly below.

Here is a 4 1/2" (110mm) spacer cut from a convenient piece of scrap wood.
In subsequent photos it is shown demonstrating clearance to:

-The back RH side of the stove:

-The back LH side of the stove

The smoke box / flue bottom.

- The flue top near the chimney collar.

Note that depite being fire retardant,  the insulation has been cut back to 1/2" thick to give an increased air gap between the insulation foam and the (yet to be installed) fire board.

The flue is held tightly by the three bolts drilled and tapped through the chimney collar.
It will thus be suspended by these bolts taking it's weight rather than carried by the stove firebox.
This lower joint, which will be free to move slightly to take up thermal movement, will be sealed by ceramic string .

A small triangular fillet has been added at the LH front side of the hearth to protect the wooden swim lining boarding to be installed below.

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