Friday, 20 July 2012

Back cabin - table cupboard

The focal centre of a back cabin is the table cupboard shown here in the early stages of construction.
Note that to conform to the spirit of the new fire regulations the table cupboard has been built with an airgap and fireboard (to be added) to the left hand side, adjacent the range.

At the bottom is the small trapezoidal (in plan) cupboard utilising the space against the swim and above this is the "crumb drawer," so called because it collects crumbs when the table above is stowed.
It is actually used for storing cutlery.

Below is the table cupboard with shelves within and a smaller cupboard to use the space above.

Here is the cupboard front which when installed doubles as a drop down table.

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  1. Andy and Dave,

    you seem to work really well together, I'm full of admiration for everything you've done sofar.