Friday, 20 July 2012

Electrical installation

This is the Loom-tech electrical panel for both 240 and 12 V systems connected up and about to be screwed in place at the rear of the engine room.
Above the panel the Victron battery monitor has been installed.

A view into the electrical cupboard just before the panel is placed shows the 12V neg bus (top R) and the 12V "power post", both being Blue Seas products.
This panel must be screwed in place rather than accessed through an opening door as 240V is present.

Below the electrical cupboard are mounted:

Victron 30A battery charger (blue)
Galvanic isolator, to the left of the charger
Shore lead inlet , cabin side above the GI
2kW Ring inverter, below the charger

This region has been left uncovered to aid cooling and access.

The engine and domestic battery isolation switches, again by Blue Seas, are the two red objects mounted on the hull side. They have yet to be connected as have the batteries in the green box below.

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