Monday, 2 April 2012

We're baaaaaack!

Great news.
Dave has recovered from his accident and has has today resumed work.
He has been welding around the stern bulkhead and step.

There are about 2 weeks work to complete the steelwork before finishing battening out, fitting the portholes then sprayfoaming.
We can then conitinue with the fit out proper.
- Just a bit later than we planned.

For the last few weeks I have been keen to post that work would soon restart but did not want to tempt fate.

In the months that the hull has been standing it has rusted nicely which has lifted and broken up the millscale. This means that the millscale (the hard blue surface on the steel from the manufacturing process) will easily be removed when the hull is shotblasted.

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  1. Hi Andy, this is good news, and I am happy to see you started again with your blog.
    I always like to see the progress Dave and you are making on this big and interesting project.

    Good luck with the next step(s).