Friday, 27 April 2012

Deck hatch lid

This is the deck lid which allows access when required straight into the under deck storage area. This facilitates the loading of dirty or large items without bringing them through the cabin.
The deck lids on old boats were curved like the deck or alternatively flat.
This one is curved for strength, aesthetics and to shed water better.
Being on a replica of a wooden boat, it is made in the appropriate style and grooved to mimic wooden planks.

The lids on wooden boats had sturdy hinges raised on wooden blocks bolted through the deck. The photo above shows these under construction.
The curved front end of the raising block has been cut from a section of tube.

Although some yard blacksmiths produced some fancy hinges  with scalloped ends we adopted a simple style here ta avoid overdoing the detail.

Here is the lid and hinges during installation.
A photo of the completed assembly will be added next week.

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