Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back cabin floor bearers, step and fuel tank additions.

The bearers for the back cabin floor have been added.

Below is the steel step into the back cabin viewed from below:

And above

Looking forward across the fuel tank.
This is not a handle. It is a pipe which allows levels in either side of the top the fuel tank both sides of the propshaft notch to equalise.

Plate certifying the fuel tank test pressure and volume.

This plate welded to the back of the fuel tank is the mounting for the pump which will transfer diesel from the main tank to the Kabola C/H boiler header tank. Being drip feed,  the  Kabola fuel supply only needs about a foot of hydraulic head so the tank iteslf will be installed under the back cabin bench in the small triangular space adjacent the swim which is otherwise of little use.

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