Friday, 27 April 2012

Back cabin porthole liner and more battening

The back cabin has only one porthole on the starboard side.
This liner is made from two layers of birch faced ply carefully cut then fine finished with the flap wheel.
The outer face is fixed to the hull .
The inner face will support and edge the T+G wood lining used in the back cabin.
It can be seen in postion (held by self tapping screws from the outside of the hull within the diameter of the brass exterior fitting) in the bottom left of the second photo.
This has to be in place before the cabin is sprayfoamed.
It was gloss painted before fitting to the hull.

The photos above and below show some extra battening added to the cabin roof and the swim. An advantage of doing the battening  whilst the steelwork is still under way is that small extra itms like the tags can be quickly made and added as requirements are identified. This logic also applies to adding extra hull fittings and tappings. ie vent pipes and sink or pump oulets. If the hull were finished and taken away for fit-out such options would be more limited.

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