Saturday, 28 April 2012

Summary of week to 27April

The previous ten posts added on 27-4 show most of the work carried out last week.
Dave is in good form and working normally on his return to work.
He concentrates on the steelwork but also instructs me so I can carry out the jobs like battening, installing hull fittings and painting.
As we have booked the sprayfoamers for next Tuesday 1 May we have had to work quickly to get the welding on sensitive areas and the battening  and fittings installation completed.
My intention is to spend Monday evening giving the boat a good clean out so no dust and dirt (which we seem to make planty of) is trapped under the spray foam. I know it will never be seen but I won't rest knowing it is there.

Last week we also had a meeting with Loomtech who will produce the  wiring loom.
This involves them going through the boat noting all the electrical fittings and their positions before designing the wiring routes.
All this is marked on the hull but will be imminently covered by sprayfoam so we have photographed it copiously.
Loomtech will then produce the wiring loom so it is available immediately after sprayfoaming and can be fitted before the line out begins.
Please see below a link to the Loomtech website:

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  1. Hi Andy and Dave,

    I'm happy to read that Dave is in good shape again, and am most impressed with the progress you've made since the restart of the work.

    Good luck with the next stages,