Saturday, 2 June 2012

Summary of work to 1st June.

We are now well under way with the lining out of the boat. Working from the back Dave has been fitting the boards over the more difficult shaped section of the boat which is also endowed with many cut outs which need to be accurately placed.
After filling some time elsewhere on painting work I have, when access was convenient, followed along with preparation and painting.
This week we have also temporarily had the bath and toilet out in position on the cabin floor to confirm that it would all fit and be useable in practice. It was a relief to find that despite the bathroom/toilet being only 46 inches long that this would work OK. Nowadays narrowboat bathrooms seem to have grown to take about 6 feet or more of boat but my philosophy is that given the comparative amount of time spent in the bath and toilet the 2 feet saved here can be best used elsewhere in the boat.

For those who are interested Dave now has a website which is well worth a look:

A visit by the gremlins:
Whilst I was down at the boat this week, the kettle, cordless phone, Mrs W's sat nav and the (potentially more stressfull) computer all failed.
The computer was replaced with a new (£125 secondhand) one from which this is being written.

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