Saturday, 16 June 2012

Battery and fuel tank breathers

The photo above shows the copper breather pipes installed from the battery box and diesel tank.

To the left is the 3/8" diameter battery breather leading upwards from it's fitting at the corner of the battery box which will be sealed at the top by a lid contacting the top flange.
The hydrogen produced if the batteries gas will therefore rise up the pipe and be vented at the roof.
The cables enter the box about a third of the way down the box from an un-glanded hole.
This leaves enough height to ensure hydrogen leaves via the breather and spare lower volume within the box to contain the acid of a burst battery.
The diesel tank breather is 15mm diameter.
They are routed  closely to the corner of the engine room leaving the bulkhead clear for mounting the electrical panel, ineverter and charger.

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