Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bedroom panelling

Here the framing is being added to the bedroom starboard wall. It stops short where the wardrobe/cupboard will be built in. The top piece is of reduced depth as this will be inside a run of small cupboards about 10" high and 10" deep above the bed
The wiring emerging from the wall is for wall lights over the bed.

Below is the framing added to the port bedroom wall panel. This is taken looking back toward the engine room where the panelling changes from plain 12mm birch ply to 19mm boarded hence the 7mm "step"as seen on the bottom photo.

The original intention was to have these panels square or stop chamfered but we are now seriously considering using the same beading as in the back cabin and engine room.
Here we have put a couple of pieces of beading roughly in place to judge the effect.

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  1. Hello Andy and Dave,

    it's very nice to see that you've been making some serious progress.
    Good luck with the next stage,