Sunday, 10 June 2012

Week to 9th June - More lining out.

This week we have been continuing with the line out.
Working forward from the (now finished and primered engine room) the engine room to bedroom bulkhead can be seen at the far end on the photo below.

Dave has previously carefully marked the centre line and put the centre boards up first.
From the front bulkhead of the bedroom, access along the boat is at the centre.
Due to the remaining bulkheads (now to the sides) being trapped in place by the roof boards and breaks for roof boxes being in the centre there will be only a few boards in the saloon which will have joins in.
ie a single stretch longer than the 4.2 m long board.
The bath and toilet are shown in postion to confirm the door and bulkhead positions but were later removed to a safer place to avoid damage.

Below is the cut out in the lining for a roof ventilator which has been treated similarly to the back cabin porthole with a plywood "polo" above the boarding. Insulation was removed to fit this.
Sanding the boarding and plywood with a flap wheel, then by hand allows a smooth surface to be  fashioned.
The finish is so good that liners or trim will probably not be needed here.

Despite a shorter week we did get further than shown on the photos above - taken on Thursday.
The cabin side panels in the bedroom were both  marked up and cut (for light and porthole positioning) and the starboard one fixed in place.
The port cabin side lining panel will be put up first thing Monday.

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