Sunday, 25 September 2011

Update and a few other snippets.

As of Friday 23rd Dave had continued work on the starboard side panels, progressing to have 3 of them cut out ready for "insetting" as described earlier.
The replacements for the two port side sheets with edge damage will be delivered next week so no consequential delay to the build has occured.
 The steel was delivered some time ago and stored on site so a free replacement by the supplier was not  an option. As I was the beneficiary of the lower price available some time ago I offered to pay for the two replacements. To his great credit, Dave refused my offer, picked up the cost himself and took the two slightly edge damaged sheets into his stock to use where the damaged portion would not be required.(eg a smaller piece in a gas locker).
I wonder how many builders would have taken this line.

On my visit last Wednesday I finally met (after quite some email traffic) Jim Evans, owner of the handsome  replica "Bushells" tug, Gazelle. Jim has many boats (Note: not has had, but has) and years of experience so I jumped at the chance to go aboard whilst we discussed various layout elements. One of the striking features of Gazelle is the absence of portholes which although realistic could possibly result in quite a gloomy interior. However Gazelle has large roof lights and all the doors, which can be opened when the boat is occupied, have sliding clear panels. The result is an interior with very acceptable interior light levels and the bonus of replica build accuracy and improved security.

Although my previoius boat Oslo went to her new owners over a year ago I still get regular reports of her condition and whereabouts. I've even had compliments from people who think she's still mine. Although they live aboard, Steve and Julie keep her absolutely immaculate. Steve has raised engine polishing to an art form consistently finding new items to polish, methods of getting to stuff and better polishes.
When Glennys (Mrs W) last saw the engine she wanted to know what I was doing when I'd said I was polishing the engine.

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