Thursday, 22 September 2011

Starboard side on.

The  starboard cabin side panels have been put in place.
Each cabin side is made of  four sheets which almost but not quite match the internal bulkhead postions as follows:
Sheet 1 (saloon), saloon hatch, sheets 2  (galley, bathroom), sheet 3 (bedroom and front of engine room)engine room hatch, sheet 4 (back of engine room and back cabin).
The panels are welded in place as shown, then after cutting the portholes the inset panels will be made by cutting the relevant centres from each sheet and re-welding them in place set back in the framing.

Looking forward, shows the central sheets.

Unfortunately 2 of the 8 sheets were found to have some damage near the edges so they were rejected by Dave. Whilst perfect replacements are supplied there is enough work to be done before the port side is put on.

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