Friday, 30 September 2011

Meanwhile, also at Dadford's Wharf today.

Here's Dave Moore the signwriter, hard it in John's paint dock next door.
Although the photo shows the great concentration and composure needed for traditional signwriting, a few minutes later (and it was nowt to do with me) Dave dropped one of his small pots of paint in the cut and said some very naughty words.

Here is the now finished table cupboard and crumb drawer decoration executed by Ian Kemp on the back cabin he has just completed.

Here are the decorations on the port back door and ticket drawer.
Sorry about my shadow. I could only get a photo from that position on a gangplank.

EDIT to add:
I have subsequently (on 6 October) met the owner of this boat when he made a visit to prepare her for a trip home to Lymm. He is delighted with Ian's work. I would be.

The main reason for my visit today was to help unload 530m of tongue and grooved timber which will be used in the line out. In the tight confines of the sloping yard entrance Dave just managed to get the forklift into position and get the palletised bundle off the lorry. We subsequently carried it by hand into the shed and stacked it to one side. I'll be going down again for a couple of days next week to sand it all down. I can't wait.

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