Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Another interesting boat - Hasty

While Dave has been on holiday and things were quiet on my build, Keith over at Brinklow was busy on Hasty. He commissioned the steam plant and took Hasty to the Shackerstone Rally, her first outing..
It takes some doing to upstage the BBMF Spitfire and Lancaster  which did a display but it was a close run thing.

With her deep draught and the shallow water Hasty could not moor very close to the edge.
I predict a few collisions with oncoming boats in shallow chanels.
The eggshell black is authentic and looks quite threatening. She is an imposing boat.

Note the twin towing hooks and load spreading plate.
The stern deck planking is still to be added.

More information on Hasty is at http://www.tunneltug.co.uk/

Also at Shackerstone was this lovely old boat. An icebreaker built circa 1840. It was originally unpowered
Note the composite iron and wood construction.

Meanwhile Dave is back from holday and cracking on with my boat. I'll go down next week so expect an update then.

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  1. Can you show the drawbridge device for getting on shore?