Friday, 29 July 2011

Vistors, plums and back cabins.

A follower of this blog and UK canal boat enthusiast came to visit yesterday.
Peter, a retired Dutch tanker bargemaster came from all the way from France (en route to IWA rally) to see the boat and the yard which is like a working museum .
Fortunately there were plenty of interesting boats (old and new), engines and goings on to make his visit enjoyable if brief.

Also visiting the yard to see progress on his boat in John Sanderson's paint dock were Neil E (nb Lodestar) and his accomplice Mick Edge (nb Bass).
They were in good form but my back is waterproof.
Anyway what's wrong with red overalls and a pink camera.............

I've got a couple of plum trees in my garden which are groaning under the wieght of  fruit.
I'm sick of eating them with every meal, so are my neighbours and the dog won't eat them.
I've copiously dished out plums around the yard so everyone will be regular for a while.

To avoid the Birmingham rush hour I've recently stayed later at the yard had a sandwich and drink and relaxed for a bit in a folding chair.
It's nice to sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere of the yard when it goes quieter.
Only Ian Kemp was still working, fitting out a traditional back cabin..
Once more he gave me some interesting observations on the job.
I'll put some pictures of his work on in a future post. It's worth seeing......

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