Thursday, 21 July 2011

Not flash...........

The object of yesterday's visit was mainly to get some paint on under the newly constructed front decks and gas locker and review the internal layout prior to construction of the cabin.
The flash on my camera failed so I have only a few photos taken in difficult (dark) conditions without the flash, the result of this being that they are a bit blurred and don't do justice to the subject.

Here's the completed fore deck, with gas locker below, deck beam and tug deck with 25 x 30  inch hatch.
The shape of the hull and deck length now shows more clearly.

This shows the hatch in the tug deck with the cut outs for the prisms closely alongside. This position should allow good light below whilst being less likely be walked on.
The deck is grooved to similate planked construction.

A closer view of the deck and cant ends.

Foredeck and deck beam detail.
Cants and guards are still to be added to the foredeck.

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