Friday, 29 July 2011

Engine beds and skin cooling tank.

Since last week Dave has put in the skin cooling tank and the engine beds.

Turn your head on it's left side to view the skin tank stern end with the drain point at the bottom.
(I have rotated this in my album but it keeps coming out like this when I upload it)
Don't turn your head right as the picture will be upside down
A valve and hose tail will be installed here to allow easy coolant changing.
The tank has been pressure tested.

Below is the front of the skin tank which will protrude a few inches into the engine room.
The coolant inlet and outlet can be seen in the top and bottom corners.
The tank is baffled internally so the coolant will pass 4 times along the length of the tank thus enhancing heat transfer.

This is (are) the engine beds which are mainly fabricated from 12mm baseplate.
The front of the engine room will start at the first cross piece.
Notiice that the keelson is carried through to the second cross member.
The 2 cross pieces toward the stern will form the fuel tank which is cut for the prop shaft to pass through.

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