Friday, 29 July 2011

More painting.

Here's under the tug deck in primer applied a week ago.

And here it is now with a coat of gloss added.
The hull sides will be left in primer as they will be covered in spayed PU foam insulation.
The bilges and beneath the floor will not be seen after the floor has gone down so really any colour would do and it would not matter if several colours were used but I couldn't bring myself to compromise and decided to do it all one colour.
I wasn't too fussy about the colour so long as the paint was good quality. This is Johnstones Professional  Gloss from my local paint centre obtained for about 20% of the list price as it had been mis mixed to slightly the wrong shade. It was cream but I put some green and blue in it and this is the result.
Very tasteful to lay ballast on.

Yesterday I also primered the hull sides from the cabin front position back to the engine room.
The top 3" have been left as Dave will be welding the cabin sides on and the paint would burn off there and the baseplate has been left for now as it will be getting a lot or wear and walking on.

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