Friday, 14 September 2012


Over the last week the boat has been shotblasted.
It was taken out of the water on a trolley and pushed into a poly tunnel for blasting
Briefly the events were as follows:

Monday   Portholes etc removed and blanks fitted over all apertures.
Tuesday  Blast hull in morning and black hull in the afternoon.
Wednesday / Thursday  Blast cabin in morning and spray primer in afternoon

I couldn't contribute much to this process so I stayed away until today when Dave, myself and Glennys (Mrs W) went down to clean out the boat, remove the blanks and masking etc, spot prime where the post blast spray had missed and get a coat of gloss over the primer.

Quite a large amount of grit had got into the boat so Glennys spent most of the day mucking out with the vacuum cleaner. A grim job.

The photos below show the boat in the poly tunnel with the spent grit on the floor. (and inside the boat).
The primer used was Rustoleum ,which being based on fish oil has not been affected by the VOC2010 paint regulations.
The blacking used was Dacrylate 2 pack.

By the end of the day the areas seen in primer had been painted with a gloss holding coat made of  paint from John Sanderson's left overs. It is a sort of bluey violet grey but will be given a second top coat of Brunswick Green tomorrow.

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