Sunday, 30 September 2012

Electrics - LED Lighting fitted.

This week the LED lighting was installed.
The wiring loom was put in before the lining was fitted leaving wires to each light hanging from holes pre cut to take each LED light unit.
The ceiling  lighting is 12V with each unit having 10 LEDs giving light output equivalent to a 20W halogen fittings but with much lower current draw.
Above is a collection of CE marked terminals. Just out of shot to the right is the CK terminal crimper which has assymetric jaws which crimp the conductor tighter than the insulation. Before starting this work I had some tutoring from the Loomtech electrician and made some practice crimps.
Wherever possible shrouded pre-insulated crimps were used on the supply side as shown below.
ie Yellow is the female supply - the red spade is to the fitting.
This connection is self protecting against a short.

(An example of an exception to the above is where tight clearance onto a small switch meant that an unshrouded female was used onto the switch spade terminal but in this case the wire cannot move and it was also protected by insulating tape.)

The photo below shows pin terminals used where the supply wire enters a screw terminal.
In a domestic installation the bare wire is OK but here the pin terminals protect against vibration.

The ceiling light fittings are flush with the lining as shown below.
They are slim enough to fit within the 19mm board thickness which means that insulation did not need to be removed to provide clearance.

For more subdued lighting in the saloon, bedroom and back cabin, small wall mounted spotlights will be installed.

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