Monday, 27 August 2012

Summary of work to 24th August

Last week the engine was test run for a day although a small air leak into the fuel line between the tank and engine lift pump means the engine stops after 2 hours (exactly). The engine easily restarts after bleeding the air from the top filter housing.
Over the next week the connections in the fuel line and primary filter will all be remade and the return fuel route (which should self bleed the system) checked.
This will hopefully fix the problem.

Dave has continued making galley doors and is currently laying the oak floor.

I have, as usual, mainly been painting.
The central heating system was filled and after replacing a faulty drain valve (which would not close) and refitting the radiator valve connectors with LSX to seal the thread wher they screw into the rad, the system held water.
The boat is due at the shotblasters on 4th September so the maiden voyage is imminent.

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