Monday, 27 August 2012

Rustic oak planked floor

The floor is clad with solid oak planks 19mm thick.
The least expensive rustic grade was chosen as it was about half the price of the top grades and the variety of grain, knots and other imperfections are in keeping with the rest of the interior.
The sub floor was varnished first (in case of any water spillage) and the planks oiled on the underside and into the tongue and groove before fitting.
The oil used was Osmo - Polyx Oil which is £60 for 2.5 litres (!) but has been well proven on a friend's boat.
Dave fitted the planks starting from the port side with the first plank screwed down through it's top surface. This will be hidden under the skirting board.
Subsequent rows have been screwed invisibly through the tongue at an angle.
After fitting the top surface was oiled.
The finnished surface can be seen below.

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