Saturday, 4 August 2012

Saloon stove - flue, roof collar and chimney installation

As previously mentioned, regulations covering the installation of solid fuel stoves in boats have recently become much more stringent. To meet these regs, pass future safety inspections and ensure the boat is as safe as possible much effort has been expended.
To recap, the stove is bolted down onto a hearth of quarry tiles cemented onto 12mm steel plate welded to the knees with nothing combustible beneath. The fireback is of ceramic tiles on 25 mm super-isol with an airgap behind to the fire resistant hull insulation and an airgap below and behind the stove exists. In addition the stove is CE marked.

Photos below show how the flue was installed.

Where the flue passes through the roof a 60mm annulus of insulation and cabin lining has been removed:

This annulus is then filled with aluminium oxide ceramic wool:

Which is retained by a stainless steel dress plate. For decorative purposes the dress plate has been engine turned although I might paint it to match the ceiling later:
The flue is made of stainless steel and double skinned, once again with the annulus filled with ceramic wool. The welding and subesquent finnishing have been well executed as seen on this bend.

The top of the flue can be seen here where it fits the through the chimney collar on the roof.
It has 4 bolts into it's end which pass through the large "washer" seen top right. When tightened up, these bolts carry the flue, supporting it in tension with a small expansion gap within the stove collar which is filled with ceramic wool topped off with a small protective layer of high temperature sealant.
Note also partially obscured is an eye bolt to which the stainless steel chimney (or if not in use the collar cap) are chained. The collar has been shimmed with a custom made tapered spacer to make it absolutely vertical on the sloping roof

The chimney is double skinned and very solid with square bar brass handles.

Here is the finished installation. Note that the flue has no adjustable components in it but follows the hull and cabin sides exactly as it was custom made after a preliminary site vist with a measuring jig.

The flue, collar, chimney other components were made and installation carried out by Roy Willoughby.
This cost more than the stove itself (gulp) but the quality easily justifies this.
 Roy Willoughby can be contacted on 07580-970553.


  1. A beautiful job, on a beautiful boat.



    1. Thanks for that.
      We are very busy at present with the engine almost ready to run and expecting launch in a couple of weeks.
      Regards A

  2. Hi Andy,

    A very nice clean tidy job you have done there.

    I would like to know where you bought the collar and who was the manufacturer so I can go buy.

    Thanks and good luck with the rest of your project.


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