Sunday, 18 November 2012

Walsh's Engineering - Generous warranty work.

During the trip to shotblasting a couple of water leaks on the engine were noticed.
These were from a weld on the "water rail" which had had a section welded in (weld leaking) and the removable plates (water doors?) at each end of the cylinder block which allow access to the coolant area for clean outs (leaking joints).
This was reported to Walsh's who had overhauled the engine in 2009.
Since the engine has only recently been commissioned Walsh's very creditably honoured their warranty and sent a genuine Gardner trained engineer to effect repairs on site.

A highly polished brand new water rail was fitted (as shown in the photo above) and the water doors were removed and refitted with new gaskets and sealant.
The seal faces were thourougly cleaned first but these joints are well known for leaks. Typically these still have a very slight leak which will be cured in due course.

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