Saturday, 24 November 2012

Summary of work to 23 November

This week the gas system and cooker have been connected up and tested.

I have painted the following:
Galley and saloon cabin sides final coat in cream.
Cabin hull sides final coat in sage green.
Bathroom cabin port side final coat in "pointing" (Farrow and Ball off white)- the stbd side will be tiled.
Bedroom another undercoat then top coat also in "pointing.

The saloon skirting board and pipe covers have been installed. These are solid oak.

Apparently I have reached my upload limit.
I have been through the blog and deleted some old posts and photos but the upload limit warning is still showing when I try to upload.
I will look into this when time allows.

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  1. have you anymore updates ? :-) this is the best build blog I have seen love your choices all down the line :-)