Thursday, 3 November 2011

Battening under the front deck

As Dave is nearing completion of the steelwork I have been able to go down and get a couple of days work battening out prior to sprayfoaming. The first place I did was under the front deck where the foremost 3 of 6 battens can be seen. They are partially cut through to allow them to bend if required  then held in place with screws through holes already drilled in the steel cross members.
To the right of the photo is the stainless steel domestic water tank which has been pulled back to allow fitting of  the foremost batten. It will eventually be permanently installed up tight against the gas locker wall to the front of the deck hatch.
Notice that the gas locker floor is 12mm plate. That should contribute to the bow strength, stand some hard use and not rot through in my lifetime

For information.
The battens, in this case tannelised roofing lats, are installed before the hull is insulated.
These wooden ribs are installed right through the boat to allow the wooden interior of the boat to be fixed/mounted in place

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