Thursday, 18 August 2011

Engine partially installed

Having almost completed the engine beds (see previous post on this) the engine was lifted into place with the mounting pads bolted to the sub frames. These were tacked in place and the engine lifted out again.
After the four pads had been finally welded in position the engine room was primered and under the engine, where access is limited, painted with raddle red. The engine was then put back in place as seen here.

This is the front view of the engine. For ease of handling and slinging during installation the alternator, drive belt and guard have been removed.

Top view of the engine. The gearbox flange face is 15 3/4" forward of the fuel tank front.
This engine position in the 7'6" engine room leaves usefull room forward of the engine and just enough room sternwards for the central access from the back cabin. However a split double bottom of the door will be needed for full opening.

The engine room will be entered on the port side so the 12mm bulkhead bottom has been cut down here to 3" (equal to the floor knee height)  to allow a continuous floor and easier access to the space forward of the engine.
A hole has been cut for threading cables or hoses if required later.

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