Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cabin roof framing

Looking forward from next to the back cabin the roof and initial cabin framing are seen.
An unexpected bonus of this stage of construction is the convenient access almost anywhere on the boat gained by grabbing the roof edge and swinging up onto the gunnel then into the boat.
This results in a clean, shiny gunnel and jeans with a black backside.

I like this photo. Although the perspective slightly distorts the view, it  gives the first impression of how the complete boat will look. The panel layout and saloon and engine room door positions can now be seen.

Looking along the roof from the back.

After some debate over whether the engine was ever likely to come out through the roof by crane we have decided to have a removable roof panel. Although the the engine is small enough (with some ancilliary parts removed) and light enough to remove via the doors, the panel has an important atribute:
 - The roof is cambered by about 2 1/4" transversely and also cambered in the opposite direction due to the longitudinal sheer of the roof. This reverse compound curve would be very difficult to make in a single sheet without producing an unwanted flat. Introducing a roof panel allows this difficult problem to be solved as effectively 3 narrower parallel strips/segments are used.

The roof panel will be continuously lined over internaly as though it was not there.
If ever used it will be removed and a jigsaw through the lining run around the inside of the hole.

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