Sunday, 7 October 2012

Summary of work to 5th October.

Work continues on the galley and bedroom.

The domestic plumbing has progressed and we expect to run the central heating next week.

Extra ballast in the form of 360 kg of 10 mm steel plate has been installed under the tug deck floor. The plate is good to use as it can be layered to occupy the bilge space as required and being supplied in long lengths 10 inches, wide conveniently cut to length on site for each compartment.
The 10 inch widths were plate offcuts from the local steel stockist and bought for the scrap value.
The hatch in the tug deck was a godsend for loading the heavy plates into the boat without colateral damage.

Reference to drawers, doors shelves etc being brought home for painting in my garage is made in a few posts. I now have about 40 items in various stages of  finishing stacked in there.
This allows me to work in better conditions than available around the boat and get a couple of sessions in over the weekend.

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