Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The bow under construction.

The compound curve of the bow is created by using 5 steel planks working from the top bends down.
The joins will be covered by the strakes to be added later.
The lower planks also have an increasing reverse curve near the stem.
The planks are shaped at the front to show a tapering amount of the stem iron to replicate a tapered stem iron as shown on the previously posted photo of James Loader.(see - planning the bow 9 5 11)

The stem post is made from 3 pieces of steel lalminated/welded together with the outer leaf being of 65mm D section. This stuff is rarer than rocking horse manure.

The shot above shows the stem iron welded to the base plate and the bottom plank being pulled and jacked into place. The front of the keelson can also be seen.

Some of the early stages of bow construction are classified information so photos are not shown here.

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